Mississippi Driver License

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Mississippi's Driver License


Current license has 1D and 2D barcodes on back. Back of prior license has magnetic stripe and 2D barcode. Must show Mississippi address (PO box not allowed). CDL has red state heading. Current CDL has red "COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE" (on 2 lines) and license number, expiration date, and birth date in red rectangle. Prior CDL has red heading, "CDL" in red map, white "COMMERCIAL LICENSE" in red bar.

Minor's license[edit]

Vertical format. Current license has red "UNDER 21 UNTIL (date)" and, if applicable, black "UNDER 18 UNTIL (date)" below birth date; may have green "LEARNER'S PERMIT" or green "INTERMEDIATE LICENSE" at top. Prior license has white "UNDER 21 until (date)" in red bar below photo and, if applicable, black "UNDER 18 until (date)" in yellow bar below red bar. Year of birth in blue above ghost image. May have yellow "INTERMEDIATE LICENSE" in heading.


Current license: Laser-perforated outlines of "MS" and state silhouette overlap ghost image and are visible when backlit; repeating holograph pattern of state outline and "Mississippi 1817"; "DPS" visible under UV light. Prior license: Repeating holographic pat-tern of state seal and "DPS"; ghost image; state seal and "DPS" visible under UV light.


Social Security number (no longer used effective early 2006) or assigned number. Assigned number may be 000, 001, 800, 801, 802, or 900 followed by 6 digits.


License valid 4 or 8 years, expiring on birthday. Learner's permit valid 2 years. 1 year for intermediate license. Drivers 16% can obtain 4-year license after holding learner's permit 1 year and intermediate license 6 months.