Indiana Driver License

Indiana's Driver License


Digitized with security overlay; 2D barcode on back. Back of current license also has 1D barcode. For CDL, red map at upper left and black "COMMERCIAL DRIVER'S LICENSE."

Minor's license[edit]

Vertical format with black "UNDER 18 UNTIL (date)" in yellow bar and/or white "UNDER 21 UNTIL (date)" in red bar vertically at photo right.


Optical variable pattern of "Indiana" and state bird repeating in overlay; ghost image; second ghost image in data area and holder's name across top and birth date across bottom of larger photo visible under UV light (see page 72). Date of birth also appears on back.


10 digits spaced 4-2-4, uncoded.


Operator licenses expire on birthday 6 years following issue date. Expires on birthday or end-of-stay date if applicant has temporary legal status. Minor license expires at age 21 plus 30 days. 3 years for 75 and older; 2 years for 85 and older. 30-day extension available to licensee out of state or country; additional extensions under limited circumstances.