Washington Driver License

Washington's Driver License


Digital cards with 1D and 2D barcodes on back. Enhanced driver license (EDL) has machine-readable zone on back. Licenses must show Washington address. CDL has "COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE" or "ENHANCED COMMERCIAL DRIVER LICENSE."

Minor's license[edit]

Vertical format. Current license and EDL: Red "AGE 21 ON (date)" or red "AGE 18 ON (date)" right of photo, over-laps ghost image; prior license and EDL have same markings in black. Intermediate license issued to first-time licensees age 16-17 has "INTERMEDIATE DRIVER LICENSE" or "ENHANCED INTERMEDIATE DRIVER LICENSE" in heading.


Current licenses and EDL: Securi-ty background overlaps photo; state seals and "Washington" visible under UV light (see page 75); microprinting; ghost image; green state seal visible under UV light on back; and OVI image of tree. Current EDL also has U.S. flag overlapping photo. Prior license: State name in OVI across bottom; state seals across middle visible under UV light; microprinting, ghost image. Prior EDL (not shown): State seal and U.S. flag overlap photo; UV-sensitive state seals; OVD of "Washington" across bottom; ghost image; fine-line background in headbar.


7 letters and 5 numbers (first 5 letters of last name, first and middle initials, year of birth subtracted from 100, and special codes).


1 to 6 years, expires on birthday (5 years prior to 1/01/13). Prior license may show "MIL" as expiration date, indicating no expira-tion for members of military.